Over par

This past weekend i went to play another round of golf at NorthView golf club. This golf course is no stranger to me, and as usual, we played on the Canal Course. I’ve heard alot of people said this is a fairly easy course to shoot some low scores, but i’ve never shot under 92 here before. I havent been playing well this year, so I bascially went to enjoy a sunday in the last of the good weather of fall. And to my suprised, I shot a personal low score of: 87!! With 5 pars, 1 birdie and no triple bogeys. There were still a lot of times where i could definitly do better by making better decisions, but on the other hand I did feel a lot better about my swings this time. I guess those golf lessons really helped. Now my new goal is to shoot mid to low 80s. W00t!

Review on this course:

This course doesnt have super wide fair ways. There are lots of waters near almost every hole. The roughs are thick and if you are greedy, chances are you’ll hit your ball to the roughs further ahead if you dont plan your shots right. The greens are FAST, but not hard to read at all. There’s a lot of thinking to play this course, a smart decision could save you at least 2 shots in every hole. There isnt a hole that’s really difficult, but you’d always have to be prepared to play the most miserable hole of your life, even though you have been playing well the whole time. Any hole on this golf course could be the score explosion of doom. The scenery is AMAZING any time of the golf season. One of my favorites, for sure.


This morning I totally slept in. I totally had one of those epsoides where you give yourself a heart attack by slowly rolling over too see the alarm clock and then realized you should be out the door by then instead of waking up slowly or possibly go back for a snooze again. I hate rushing to work in the mornings. I left without breakfast, without thinking what i’m going to wear, without out my body being fully awake, without my 15mins of TMZ!!

The drive to work was a extra drag, and semi-truck thursdays did not make it any less nauseating. The whole time i was fighting with myself of whether i should stop by Tim’s or straight to the office because I am already late. I ended up going to Tim’s coz i knew that i’d come right back out of the office once my attendance was taken, so what difference does it make.

Coffee has never smelt sooooo gooood, omg i was like in the clouds and i dont even have to taste it yet. Maybe i was still half asleep, the smell of it also gave me a flash back to Grade 5, when i went to Australia. It was before i spoke english, before i moved to Canada; it was the first time i went to a white people’s land. I remember Australia had a very distinctive smell, it was like, everywhere i go, i smell it! Something doesnt exist in Taiwan. And this smell is what i later realized is not the smell of Australia, but the smell of… Coffee and Sandwiches.

Anyways, i’m glad i made the decision to get breakfast, the coffee in my hand saved the morning. The first sip was such a relief, this must be what smokers feel like when they have to have that cigarette.


Hory cow this weekend was…innteresting.

Sheree and friends came to visit Vancouver for the first time, so i took the liberty to show the LA-ers the #4 best place to live in the world (according to Yahoo Finance).

This is not my first time being the tour guide, but i’ve never done it in such a short time. It felt a little bit like being on my own trip, where i’d try to cram everything in until your legs break and your body says: *i’m having the funnest time in the world!*. I might have done it a bit over the top, because when i asked them what do they think of Vancouver so far, they answered it synchronously: “…..innnteres..ting..” They probably got confused in the midst of our ‘winter-like’ weather, big trees, low sugar donuts, logs on the beaches, ketchup chips, and the amount of chinese people..everywhere.

Today’s the last day they’re here and that sucks because it feels like the party has just started. I look foward to the day where i can find out if Vancouver is really more interesting than LA.


Ignorance is best at giving its bliss, and i’m not getting any. I dont like to get involved in a lot of things, but somehow the really annoying ones always seems to have their ways to find me. I wish i didnt see his pussy ass ugly face running away like a rat, or his guilt on his face when he did the walk of shame. I wish i didnt see the hickies on her neck that she sometimes failed to cover up with her hair, and the lies written all over her face when she tried to be subtle about everything else. All these signs, signaling me to do something about it. But how can i do it, when i know its going to hurt someone else much more than them immature selfish brats are going to cry about it?

Maybe its my time to be selfish, and not care about how everyone else is going to feel, as long as i’m happy, as long as i got the weight off of my shoulders. Fuck them all, i can be a brat too. I’ll live in hiding of their chaos, in my little own naive perfect world; bake my heart shaped cookies and feed on the sympathies from the people who put me up in their gossip column. Oh yah, what a wonderful life.


I usually have a pretty good idea of who visits my blog. Once in a while i would check on my stats for this site, and i would be pretty suprised by those out of the ordinary.

Today some guy or girl from Jordan stumbled on my site because he or she was googling: Bitches pictures. Yah, that’s right, Bitches pictures…whatever that means. And i guess he or she was pretty desperate to see them coz he/she went thru 3 of my pages, looking for Bitches pictures. Considering i just re-vamped this site, i’ve only got maybe 3, 4 pages tops, and he/she went thru everything just to get some Bitches pictures. DESPERATE CREEP!


Do you think you’re better off alone? Yes i do.

I wonder how many people out there are not afraid of being alone. If only there exists a (my) perfect world that has no strings being attached. A place with no boxes to fit into, no faces need to be put on, no one needed to rely on, and no need for explaination for everything. How awesome that would be, just alone, and quiet…hmm my dogs can join me too, they dont talk. And maybe then, i’ll smile like i mean it.

There’s been alot going on lately that are not necessary. And since my perfect world doesnt exist (yet), the closest thing i got is to get myself physically busy enough until i wont even have time to think about them. Its physically tiring, but it feels good. It comes with deep sleeps too. Its a much better package than just sitting, thinking, wishing and waiting. Sooo much better.


I think i should stop going to the Y to play badminton. There something in that gym that doesnt like me. It was the place where i dislocated my shoulder and left me sat on the couch for almost 2 months. Well, today decided to go play again because watching the Olympics is more self-destructive than inspirational. And today’s YMCA badminton punishment is: a birdie in the EYEBALL.

I guess the guy i was playing with must’ve really hate the team we’re playing against, coz he hit it reaaaally hard! It took me a minute or two to get my left eyeball’s vision back. And should I call myself lucky that it was a back-hand rather than a full on smash? Ugh, it is still sore right now…bastard.

And today’s lesson: never look back at your partner, even tho you think he wouldnt get there in time to whack the birdie at your eyeball.

Last week’s body stats:

  • 113.6 Lbs.
  • 54.4 % Water
  • 25.4 % Fat
  • 4.2 Lbs. Bone mass
  • 47 Lbs. Muscles


So while updating my wordpress and modifying this layout i was listening to Coldplay‘s new album Viva La Vida.

The album was out last month, if it was 3 years ago, i would’ve bought or downloaded this album within a week of its release. But since the last album – X&Y was kinda of a let down, i’ve almost forgotten about this new album until i saw them being featured on E online yesterday. I have thumbs up for this album. Its like what everone else says, its different from the previous 3 albums, and i think they pulled it off nicely. Usually Coldplay’s songs are heavy on good lyrics, but most of this album focuses on the instruments, the mixes, which is really amazing.

This whole process of making a new blog and listening to an album over and over again reminds me of elementary and highschool, when i used to do the same thing to spend an afternoon, except i’d be drawing on the sketch book. One of those things that’d make me feel the most peaceful.