Canucks Playoff 2010

Last May I went to my first ever Canucks Playoff game, and it turned out to be one of the shittiest games that the Canucks have ever played. After the puck dropped in the first period, they got scored on before I could put my lens cap back on my camera.

17 seconds in, Canucks 0 Blackhawks 1. Very lame.

The below is a video of the fat guy (who only sings half of the verse of O Canada) singing the ending of O Canada. The atmosphere was pretty wild.

What you want from here

It’s been probably about a year since I blogged about breaking free from standing still, well the time to break that daily normal cycle is now.

I have been job-free for a month and a bit now, and surprisingly I haven’t got a lot of time to think about what I want from here. Such a simple question, I thought it’d only take me a weekend to figure out. Time creeps by like nobody’s business. As exciting as it sounds that I get to choose my next move and adventure for myself, I haven’t been able to decide.

The hardest part has been making decisions without feeling guilty about it. I would feel guilty for betraying my plan to break the daily cycle if I were to get another job. I would feel guilty for not having a job if I were to take 2 months off to wander off to other parts of the world. Can you feel my catch 22?

All I know is, choices are easy make when you are able to find clarity. At the end of the day, I just want to get inspired again.

Totally Worth It

Never doubt yourself when you want to go somewhere. I took a vacation, a vacation that was long over due. I remember before I left, I wasn’t completely sure about taking this trip, because of the time constraints, the money, the ‘right’ location choices, etc. So many concerns I had, so irrelevant.

I loved my trip, every single second of it. I loved taking flights, and sitting in trains alone. I enjoyed the solitude. Taipei was great. I love that city. I loved fighting jet leg, dropping to the bed dead, and doing it all over again. Seeing old friends is always the best and spending time with them was so easy. We could make the best out of everything, be pathetic, and laugh about it. Thanks for taking me to places and things in Taipei I’ve never discovered, and you’re welcome for the other way around.

Hawaii was beautiful, I could live there forever. I went to the volcano, the waterfalls, the rain forest, and I went in the ocean. To co-exist with other animals in their living environment was pretty cool. I met a lot of people there that went, and stayed. Ballsy, that’s something I always say I’d do, but I wonder if I could ever really pull it off. So many what if’s comes with that action, but they could be just as irrelevant as the concerns I had before I took on this trip.

2 weeks, 2 countries, 6 flights, 3 time zone adjustments, and an awesome tan. I didn’t miss home at all while I was away. Now I’m home and saw nothing’s changed, it just further made this trip totally worth it.

Year of the Investments

2009 was a special year. Special enough to make me want to set some new year resolutions. This year I’ve decided to take a good investment in myself. Make myself a better, healthier, richer, and stronger.

These are the resolutions that popped up in my head:

  1. Committe to MePlusFood. Write 1 post a day for 365 days.
  2. Take a vacation, fly to a place I’ve never been before.
  3. Make another website
  4. Buy one new item of clothing for myself each month
  5. Get to 20% body  fat and maintain it

Looks like i’m gonna be spending a lot of money, looks like I’m gonna have a lot of fun.

Priority™ Worldwide

Dear friends, family and secret admirers,

It has come to the month of you giving me presents. I would like the following this year:

1. Roots Women’s Alberta Hoody, Black: XS or S. Linky
2. Wool Black Jacket.
3. Leather Black Jacket, snug fit.
4. UGG Kensington Boots in Toast. Linky
5. AE Plaid Trapper Hat Linky
6. Nikkor 35mm f1.8G AF-S Lens. Linky
7. Nikon Remote Control ML-L3. Linky
8. Nikon CoolPix S1000PJ. Linky
9. Fender Lone Star Stratocaster, Rosewood Fretboard, Arctic White. Linky

Happy Shopping!

Erase and Sync

If only life comes in the form of an ipod. Erase and Sync. and the occasional Restore.

If I can do anything right now, i would fly to hawaii, and hike in the rain forest to search for a waterfall so i can cliff dive myself into the fresh water. Maybe not hawaii, maybe some little island in the Micronesia, that would be perfect for right about now.

Ok, I am at a stand still, and I really don’t like it. I need to move, but I don’t know where I need to go. So you say the beauty of life is the process and the search, and the steps you take to achieve, and define who you are.

Well, I don’t want to play search. Just sync me.

All things shiny and new

Today I installed my newly bought high-hat and 18” crash/ride cymbals for my drum set. Now my drum set is extra hot because all the cymbals now match and sound great. Then a couple hours later, while I was cleaning my camera, I paused and I realized… I have a lot of shit.

I possess quite a bit of toys and gadgets. I have my drum set, I have my guitars, I have my computers, I have my camera, I have my snowboarding gears, and etc. Of course I don’t have everything, nobody ever has everything. But I do have quite a bit, quite a bit to keep one busy all the time. So why do I have this quest to buy all the material things still? Why?! Since I already know the truth, and the truth is, I could get all that I ever wanted, and I’d still manage to get bored in the midst of all the gizmo. *Sigh..*

Now I couldn’t help but picturing this Buddhist monk entering with a zen face and says: ‘Child, your possession is what possesses you.’   *DING!* and he quietly walks away.

I hate it when they make sense and confuse you at the same time.