San Francisco

The trip out to San Francisco marked the end of a series of unexpected trips this July.

A lot has happened in the last month, but it flew by so fast, it sort of seemed unreal. Today makes exactly one month since my grandmother passed away. I’d like to think the places I went, people I met, and the things I learned during this period a gift she left for me. She made it all possible.

Thank you grandma, and I miss you.


Malaysia was good for the soul.

I met lots of interesting travellers on the trip. Nobody cared to talk or brag about who they are or what they do back home, only stories of their travelling journey.

I put 9 new dives on my log book, but it took me about 3 dives to get completely comfortable with it again. I spent about 3 hours a day hearing my own breath bubbling underwater. Swimming beside a sea turtle was just so freaking cool.

This trip was much about letting all the cluttering in my mind go. It felt like every time I talk to someone new, they’d loosen another muscle on my body. Every time I go for a new dive, it’d become more effortless. I’d think less about the technical stuff and just enjoy being there.

This was the first trip where I felt truly lucky to be able to just be there to experience it all. After 4 days on the island, I smiled more genuinely, and I sat more relaxed in a chair.

On Mabul island, there isn’t much to think or talk about except for diving, where you’re going next and where you’ve just came from. Besides scuba gear, food and shelter, you won’t need anything else. Life can really just be that simple.

A California Weekend

California was an easy choice. It has the sun, the beach, and awesome people.

I took this trip alone out there because needed to clear my brain in a new environment. I did that, and found I something more valuable like the friendship I have with these people. There are times during the trip when I was just amazed at how we still manage to party together after 5 years of living in different states and countries.

These get togethers are special. These 5 years we stayed the same, but I think we all recognized that these weekends will become more rare in the years to come.

Thanks guys, for another unforgettable weekend!

Totally Worth It

Never doubt yourself when you want to go somewhere. I took a vacation, a vacation that was long over due. I remember before I left, I wasn’t completely sure about taking this trip, because of the time constraints, the money, the ‘right’ location choices, etc. So many concerns I had, so irrelevant.

I loved my trip, every single second of it. I loved taking flights, and sitting in trains alone. I enjoyed the solitude. Taipei was great. I love that city. I loved fighting jet leg, dropping to the bed dead, and doing it all over again. Seeing old friends is always the best and spending time with them was so easy. We could make the best out of everything, be pathetic, and laugh about it. Thanks for taking me to places and things in Taipei I’ve never discovered, and you’re welcome for the other way around.

Hawaii was beautiful, I could live there forever. I went to the volcano, the waterfalls, the rain forest, and I went in the ocean. To co-exist with other animals in their living environment was pretty cool. I met a lot of people there that went, and stayed. Ballsy, that’s something I always say I’d do, but I wonder if I could ever really pull it off. So many what if’s comes with that action, but they could be just as irrelevant as the concerns I had before I took on this trip.

2 weeks, 2 countries, 6 flights, 3 time zone adjustments, and an awesome tan. I didn’t miss home at all while I was away. Now I’m home and saw nothing’s changed, it just further made this trip totally worth it.

Three months til December

wow, what a weekend trip.

Last Friday, I left for California to spend a little time away from home. I wanted some alone time in a different city with a different crowd. I wanted to forget everything there is about Vancouver, and I did exactly just that.

I want to thank my Californian friends for being such awesome hosts, and for putting up with me and my insane itinerary. Thanks for sleeping 4 hours or less a day. Thanks for getting me everywhere I wanted to go. Thanks for getting more tanned than me..heehee. Thanks for listening. Thanks for your gifts. I got exactly what I was looking for out of this trip, and possibly some more. Expect my return very soon!

Ah, what a way to end the crazy summer.

Pictures here

Orange County

Hello September.

I am 8 hours away from my flight to LAX, and I’ve just finished packing. This trip has been long time coming, but strangely enough, I felt pretty blah about it the whole day. Then I walked to my car after work.. the giggling just rushed out of me. I’M SO PSYCHED!

I think I need this weekend trip more than I thought I did. It’s going to be short, but I’m going to make it worth it, like I how make other weekends ‘worth it‘.

until Tuesday, bye betches!


Its been a full week since i got back from Los cabos. It was probably the most chillax trip i’ve ever taken. There wasnt any rush to go site seeing, no daily plans, and no lack of sleep. I’d wake up, and i’d head to the beach for some early tanning. And if i’m feeling athletic, i’d go for a run on the beach or a dip into the water. And when i’m done, i’d meet up with the guys to get ready to head out and hunt for breakfast around the city.

One of my favorite part is walking around the city away from the resorts, beacause thats about as close as we’d get to see the ‘real’ mexican living. We went to a few restaurants where the locals would eat, and it was just amazing. The food was authentic and rustic. Nothing beats sitting outdoors at night in plastic chairs with a couple semi-lit light bulbs above you, drinking coke in a glass bottle and eating the freshest meal cooked a few steps away from you. I choose this over fancy restaurants, any day.

One week is definitly too short for a vacation, but weirdly enough, everyday seemed like a 36 hour day. The weather was so ridiculously beautiful, that it’s hard believe that this is life in November. I spent so much time on the beach that when i lay on my bed at night i could still feel the sand pressing against the bottom of my feet… what a wonderful feeling, and i miss it.

imagine.. you’re going for a swim at the Y, where it was just last week you were in cabos swimming at the beach and getting stung by a jellyfish.

photos here


Time to start packin’!

The excitement of going to los cabos has finally hit me on my drive home from work today. It felt like I was taking my last final exam of the term, it aint over until its over. And when it’s over, what a relief feeling it is.

So now i’m taking it all in, and now i’m gonna mean it when i say:



Totally awesome deal! Travellers go get this at walmart:

This kit includes a tooth brush, tooth paste, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, razor, sun block, moisturizing lotion, and a pack of lozenges, all in on-plane regulation sizes and nicely fitted in the plastic zip up bag for a total of: $4.97!  Go Walmart!

Not so totally awesome deal, R.E.D. Reya Helmet. I got this at regular price, but its soooo comfortable! The only down side to this helmet is the clip at the back of the helmet thats supposed to hold your goggles is stupidly design to fit goggles that do not have a buckle release. And coincidentally i own a pair of goggles that has a buckle release right at where its supposed to fit on the helmet. How convenient. Goggles shopping time! (again).


It has been 10 months since i got seated on an airplane. I have spoiled myself too much for the past 3 years with all the places i went to. Now I feel like i’ve just been idling since March, auto piloting the never ending routine.

Although i never liked being in the plane, i actually really liked the boarding area. I like the excitement and the anticipation you wander about the new place you’re about the step on in the next few hours. I like reminiscing the trip in exhausion while sitting on the very uncomfortable airport chairs, waiting to board the flight home. Sometimes, the wait could be a while, but i never minded them. Because time seems to stall while you’re waiting there, and i’d always get a little disappointed they start to annouce the seating rows, because that means its time to move on, time to get closer to return to the everyday.

I want to go. 

30 days to Mexico.