Malaysia was good for the soul.

I met lots of interesting travellers on the trip. Nobody cared to talk or brag about who they are or what they do back home, only stories of their travelling journey.

I put 9 new dives on my log book, but it took me about 3 dives to get completely comfortable with it again. I spent about 3 hours a day hearing my own breath bubbling underwater. Swimming beside a sea turtle was just so freaking cool.

This trip was much about letting all the cluttering in my mind go. It felt like every time I talk to someone new, they’d loosen another muscle on my body. Every time I go for a new dive, it’d become more effortless. I’d think less about the technical stuff and just enjoy being there.

This was the first trip where I felt truly lucky to be able to just be there to experience it all. After 4 days on the island, I smiled more genuinely, and I sat more relaxed in a chair.

On Mabul island, there isn’t much to think or talk about except for diving, where you’re going next and where you’ve just came from. Besides scuba gear, food and shelter, you won’t need anything else. Life can really just be that simple.

8 thoughts on “Malaysia”

  1. Could I get a shot of that “Travel High”, too?


    (awh, I love sea turtles~ as much as teenage boys love them jackfishes…giggle)

    Have a safe/boose-loaded trip home~
    (well, eventually after SF I guess XD)

    I’m gonna miss chatting with you
    over dinner, late-night snack crusade, and breakfast too


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