April passed away this morning. She’s had a very bad and miserable month battling one thing after the other. She held on for 2 more nights when the vet said she wouldn’t make it. Early this morning when her eyes no longer light up, I knew I had to put her to sleep.

15 years. One thing she loved to do the most is to run. So here you go April:

Run free, jump high, and RIP.

I will miss your happy face.


2011 was so bitter and so sweet.

It’s probably the first year where I truly experienced and realized that life is just a balance between the high and the low, and what you gained from the loss. Looking back I can only smile at the darkest and highest moments. The way it ended, I feel like everything came to a full circle and I’m off to start with a clean slate for the year to come.

The 2012 resolution came easy and it is a simple one: Out live 2011.

San Francisco

The trip out to San Francisco marked the end of a series of unexpected trips this July.

A lot has happened in the last month, but it flew by so fast, it sort of seemed unreal. Today makes exactly one month since my grandmother passed away. I’d like to think the places I went, people I met, and the things I learned during this period a gift she left for me. She made it all possible.

Thank you grandma, and I miss you.


Malaysia was good for the soul.

I met lots of interesting travellers on the trip. Nobody cared to talk or brag about who they are or what they do back home, only stories of their travelling journey.

I put 9 new dives on my log book, but it took me about 3 dives to get completely comfortable with it again. I spent about 3 hours a day hearing my own breath bubbling underwater. Swimming beside a sea turtle was just so freaking cool.

This trip was much about letting all the cluttering in my mind go. It felt like every time I talk to someone new, they’d loosen another muscle on my body. Every time I go for a new dive, it’d become more effortless. I’d think less about the technical stuff and just enjoy being there.

This was the first trip where I felt truly lucky to be able to just be there to experience it all. After 4 days on the island, I smiled more genuinely, and I sat more relaxed in a chair.

On Mabul island, there isn’t much to think or talk about except for diving, where you’re going next and where you’ve just came from. Besides scuba gear, food and shelter, you won’t need anything else. Life can really just be that simple.

A California Weekend

California was an easy choice. It has the sun, the beach, and awesome people.

I took this trip alone out there because needed to clear my brain in a new environment. I did that, and found I something more valuable like the friendship I have with these people. There are times during the trip when I was just amazed at how we still manage to party together after 5 years of living in different states and countries.

These get togethers are special. These 5 years we stayed the same, but I think we all recognized that these weekends will become more rare in the years to come.

Thanks guys, for another unforgettable weekend!

Nostalgic Actions

First day of May, Bmike took Amrik, Cathy and myself to Deep Cove and Porteau Cove for a photowalk. Like always, I am never good at taking scenery photos, so I ended up taking pictures of the people I went with instead.

While editing the photos, I decided to be hipster and made all my photos look like they got instgram’d. Photoshop actions work wonders with this set of photos.


I took my first skiing lesson about 10 years ago, changed to snowboarding and never put on a pair of skis ever since.

Back then snowboarding was the ‘cool’ sport, but I have to say, skiers put on way flashier tricks than boarders. I’ve been saying I wanted to try skiing again, and I wish I had stuck with skiing.

For my cypress trip today, I packed both my snowboard and my sister’s skis in the car with me. I snowboarded early in the morning, then switched over to skis for the rest of the day. It was scary at first, but surprisingly some of my muscle memories came back, and I did better than I thought I would.

The video is taken by Amrik of me skiing down a green run. I think it was my 1st or 2nd green after a couple bunny hills. I couldn’t have asked for a better day to learn skiing again, the mountain was almost close to empty, the snow was awesome, and the weather was just beautiful. It’s like it was meant to be.

Some shots from the mountain, and the cypress look out on my way home.